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Linkz Pro 1.0.1

This script is a links management script that hooks into phpBB2 permissions and allows yet more integrated functionality to complement Calendar (lite/pro) and the other mods I'm working on.

As with Calendar Pro this script is still very much in development and will continue to be supported with the application of new features and improved functionality.


  • mySQL database (compatability with other DBMS's is being looked into)
  • PHP 4.22 +
  • phpBB2 installed (version 2.0.4)

Link Information

Links scripts and utilities generally have a certain standard set of information fields and these are all provided in LinkzPro. Link title, description, URL and author are all provided with the option to limit the visibility of the URL and author information as part of the the admin settings.
Ratings are based on a one vote per link per registered user. This allows a user to alter their vote if the link is updated and avoids "spamming" of an unlimited rating system.

Mailing Address Available...

Most link directory scripts assume an "online resources only" stance that is particularly unhelpful if you are attempting to list more than just a URL such as in a local business directory. Linkz Pro provides you wtih the ability to provide mailing address information in your directory either combined with or independently of the URL listings. This feature can be turned on or off as required.

Category Structure

The categories in Linkz are carefully structured so that it's simple to move them around either individual or as completel trees of categories and their subordinates. From the outset it's possible to apply a link to multiple categories avoiding any need to duplicate links relevant to various disparate subjects.

Linkz User Levels

The permissions system integrates fully with the user/usergroup permissions system in phpBB2. Linkz Pro allows you to set a default level of access for all registered users then apply enhanced permission levels for individuals or usergroup members.

The 6 levels are:

  • 'Public access' - anonymous access (ON/OFF permission set in Admin module)
  • 'View only' - view events only
  • 'View,Suggest Events' - view and submit events for approval (validation)
  • 'View,Add Events' - view and add events without approval
  • 'View,Add (Edit/Delete own)' - view, add (+edit and delete own events)
  • 'Calendar Admin' - Calendar moderator
    Best of all, these levels can be set simply at the Group or User levels and there's even a configuration option to set the default access level for all registered users.

Anonymous users are allowed access through the calendar configuration menu but unregistered/logged out users are heavily restricted to viewing and visiting the listed link sites.

Private/Group restricted Links

PhpBB2 provides ample facilities for restricting access to forums and is very much in demand as a feature so in tandem with Calendar Pro, the ability to restrict access or even awareness of certain links is built into the Linkz script. In addition it's possible for users to list personal links under the various categories but solely for their own reference. No other users (including admins) are able to view, rate or even share them.

Admin Module

Administration of Linkz system settings is handled through a configuration menu provided through the modular phpBB2 Administration Panel. This makes changing permissions and settings easy to apply.

Link Validation & Admin notification

As with Calendar Pro it's possible to require any link submission be placed on hold until a Linkz admin has had a chance to check submissions before they go live. Very useful to avoid link spamming. Additionally any such link submissions will fire off a notification email to all Linkz Admins so you can accept or reject them quickly.


All Linkz code uses the phpBB2 templating system and theme css values. This helps to ensure compatability and ease of customisation in line with various compliant phpBB2 themes. It also means that users can develop their own template set and offer them as alternative layouts.

Easy installation/upgrade

Thanks to excrutiatingly long experience in dealing with over 20+ upgrades in Calendar Lite and Pro I've been able to develop a system of upgrading that mirrors (and admittedly borrows from) the phpBB2's own installation system. With the exception of some small edits required in the original phpBB2 files, installation is relatively painless compared to many mods.

As part of the upgrade process it's also possible to convert an existing ssLinks or SnailTrailz database to the new Links Pro format.

..and more...

The overall script itself includes many more underlying functions and features including the following:

  • Various sorting options (by: name, date, hitcount, rating, etc...)
  • Intuitive icons to help identify new, updated links and categories containing them
  • Simple search function
  • Optimised SQL queries to avoid loading a server too greatly
  • "Featured" links can be selected by the Admin and these appear on the main Links page
  • Admin option to check a submitted is "live" before being accepted.
  • Numerous sanity checks to ensure data is of the correct type, cracker spoofing traps and variable restrictions to enhance security.


Development will continue to ensure that any security issues are deal't with plus to ensure compatability with phpBB2 as it too is upgraded and improved. In addition there are a number of additional features that will be added as time allows to improve the functionality of the system.