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Frequently Asked Questions - Gallery->PhpBB2 Integration

General Info:

Specific Bugs/Problems:

Compatibility / Installation:

Further Help:


General Info:

Where/How can I download Gallery?

Gallery is available from http://gallery.sourceforge.net/

Where/How can I download phpBB2?

PhpBB2 is available from http://www.phpbb.com/

Where/How can I download the Gallery->phpBB2 Integration Mod?

The Integration Mod is available here from Snailsource.com although you do need to be registered to download.

When will the next version be released?

New releases usually coincide with releases by either the phpBB2 or Gallery coding team.

What features does the current version have?

Check this page for feature info.

Can I suggest new features to include?

Until version Gallery 2.0 has been finished any feature requests are not being taken. This is because Gallery and phpBB2 are so different that relatively simple features are often overly complex to impliment.

What is the difference between a BUG and a feature request?

If it doesn't do what the feature and forum says it should then it's a bug... If your sentence can be started with a "I wish it would.." or "It'd be nice if.." then it's likely to be a feature request.

Is Gallery->PhpBB2 Mod a standalone script?

NO. This mod cannot be run without both Gallery and phpBB2 being installed as per the instructions provided for the MOD.


Specific Bugs/Problems:

ERROR: "Sorry, you can't access this file directly..."

This message appears when you either try to link directly to modules.php with no arguments provided to the file.
You are using an older version of Gallery than 1.3.2 and the Mod version 1.4.1
(Older versions did not support the php.ini setting for "register_globals = off" or a user turning off cookies in their browser. These are now supported in mod version 1.4.1 or later)

Out of Memory Errors

Version 1.3.2 of Gallery provides a more streamlined use of memory than older versions so if you are experiencing this error then you're advised to upgrade ASAP (don't forget to update your mod version as well)

Blank Page After adding a photo, and some other functions

Check this thread...

CSS styles for phpBB2 not being used.

To use the CSS styles you need to add this somewhere between <head> and </head> in your overall_header.tpl template file...

<link rel="stylesheet" href="modules/gallery/css/embedded_style.css.default" type="text/css">


Compatibility / Installation:

How do I install Gallery->phpBB2 Integration?

Instructions are provided in the "README.txt", "EDIT_PHPBB2.txt" as part of the MOD

How do I upgrade from a previous version?

If you have installed this mod successfully in the past then you simply need to
a) Check that there's a mod update to cover the new Gallery & PhpBB2 versions
b) Update your phpBB2 first (if there is an update)
c) Update your Gallery (as per the instructions for that version)
d) Test that both phpBB2 and Gallery work independently
e) Upload the new mod files a per the installation instructions and make any new changes to the phpBB2 files as required.

How do I install the Gallery->phpBB2 Integration and Calendar Lite/Pro?

A general guide that should help you work around any clashes in the instructions for each mod is provided in this support doc


Further Help:

Where is Support Documentation for Gallery-phpBB2 Integration Mod?

Some support documentation is available with the distribution you downloaded.
All other support is provided through the Gallery Integration forum

Where can I get help and support?

Support is available via the Calendar forum on Snailsource.com, here: .../viewforum.php?f=4

What's the best way to get support?

Post a request for help on the forums (above) and provide as much details as possible including:
- Version of Calendar and phpBB2
- Error message (if any)
- PHP and mySQL (or other Database system) versions being used
- Operating system version, name, information
- Any script 'behaviours' noted, or actions prior to the error.
- Details of any other Modifications installed
Remember to be patient and don't assume it's the script (you might be wrong)

What's the worst way to get support?

Provide no information, demand assistance and generally act like it's your god given right to get help.
See how far that gets you

How do I report a BUG?

Check that someone else hasn't reported a bug and see if a fix has already been provided
Post a message on the Calendar Pro support forum with the word BUG: preceding the subject and give as much detail as possible
(see 'best way to get support' above)