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General Info:

Contributions/Pro Mod Access:


Further Help:

Development/Future Projects:

General Info:

Where/How can I download Pro mods for phpBB2?

Only members who have made a contribution of £17.50 (GBP) or more will have gained access to their specified MOD. Obviously, members need to be registered and logged in to access the downloads.

Who runs Snailsource.com?

Snailsource.com is run and owned by WebSnail.net which in turn is a small business that provide web design, programming and other computer services.

Where does all this "snail" stuff come from?

WebSNAIL came from a non-profit project aimed at creating a directory of special needs (disability) information. The name "Infosite" was already taken so "Web Special Needs Associated Information Links" was born and soon the "Snail" tag stuck to become something of a brand.


Contributions/Pro Mod Access:

Is there a minimum contribution for Pro mods for phpBB2?

Yes, the minimum contribution is £17.50 (GBP) for a single mod

I've contributed using PayPal eChecks, Nochex or by some other means, when do I get access??

These methods usually require a certain amount of time to clear and/or for the contribution to be confirmed. Additionally they require manual intervention to provide access. As a result you will need to wait for us to confirm and enable your access when we are available to do so.

I've contributed using PayPal instant payments, when do I get access??

This method of contribution is the fastest and you should automatically be granted access to the mod(s) you have contributed towards. This assumes of course that PayPal hasn't delayed confirmation for some reason (see above)

Do I get a discount on the minimum contribution if I contribute for more than one mod now/later?

If you contribute for all at the same time the scale is:
2 x mods = £16.00 each
3 x mods = £14.50 each

If you contribute for each individually:
1st mod = £17.50
2nd mod = £16.00
3rd mod = £14.50

So, obviously if you pay for them all at the same time it's cheaper for you.
NB: You MUST be logged in using the same account as used previously to contribute for the discounts to apply.

Why do I have to contribute to that project to get Pro mods?

The contributions you make go towards the running costs of UKRag.net and also cover the server hosting costs for this site. The UKRag site is the reason the mods were developed in the first place and continued contributions are the only reason that development is shared instead of being kept private and solely for use on UKRag.

As a result the ALL mods on Snailsource are provided/supported on an unpaid/purely voluntary basis that has taken many hundreds of hours of hard work. Such work is only possible if you feel motivated enough to continue and by supporting a project that supports young fundraisers to, in turn, support charities you provide that motivation for continued development.

Where can I contribute?

Simply click on the "Contributions" link

I am part of a charitable/volunteer organisation, does that make a difference?

Genuine requests from charities or volunteer organisation are welcome but need to be made by email using an account from an official charity email address.

I want a free copy/do you ever let people have free copies?

We get a LOT of requests for free copies, complaints about the cost, exchange rate, etc... but sadly 99% of such requests are from people who invariably treat software as their god given right and don't understand the concept of trade and barter. It is incredibly rare that someone has a genuine case not already covered by Charity Status. There are a number of people who offer their helps, support and services for free and those have received free access but invariably it's not something they've requested.

Bottom line, I'm a firm believed in quid pro' quo... and no "beta testing" is not a quid pro quo... Invariably it's an attempt to get a freebie and not bother reporting back.

Where do the contributions go?

Any contributions go towards paying for development and running costs involved in the UKRag.net project which is rapidly becoming a 3 hour a day job. Recently they have made a new child project "Youthzone.net" possible and helps tackle similar goals to UKRag.net but aimed more at schools and teachers. Additionally they cover the hosting costs incurred from by this site.

Why are SnailSource supporting UKRag.net?

The project was started by myself (Martin) as an ex student fundraiser and is the main reason that Calendar was developed/enhanced in the first place. Any money raised is put aside to improve training, awareness and projects in the student charity fundraising world and aims at increasing the amounts students can raise for charities.

In real terms, the project could help groups to raise an additional 10 - 20% more money in a year. Given that millions of UK£ pounds are raised by these groups we're talking £x00,000's more over the next few years.



Are any of the Mods for phpBB2 compatible with other CMS or forum systems (eg: PostNuke, PHPNuke, etc..)?

Calendar Pro, like all the mods on this site, requires phpbb2 in its native form to work properly. To date it has not been successfully adapted to work with the Nuke module of phpbb2 nor any other CMS systems. Future development does hope to make this possible.

Further Help:

Where are the mod manuals/FAQs?

You can find all the mod information and manuals from the Scripts page
FAQs for specific scripts can be accessed here

Where else can I get help and support?

Once you've checked the FAQ's and manuals you can find support forums for your specific mod in the "Support Forums".
Please make sure you search for your problem first and if you can't find the answer to your issue to post in the appropriate one for your Mod.

What's the best way to get support?

Post a request for help on the forums (above) and provide as much details as possible including:
- Version and name of your MOD and phpBB2
- Error message (if any)
- PHP and mySQL (or other Database system) versions being used
- Operating system version, name, information
- Any script 'behaviours' noted, or actions prior to the error.
- Details of any other Modifications installed
- a URL where your installation can be checked (and a test account if public access is not available)
Remember to be patient and don't assume it's the script (you might be wrong)

What's the worst way to get support?

Provide no information, demand assistance and generally act like it's your god given right to get help.
See how far that gets you

How do I report a BUG?

Check that someone else hasn't reported a bug and see if a fix has already been provided
Post a message on the Calendar Pro support forum with the word BUG: preceding the subject and give as much detail as possible
(see 'best way to get support' above)


Future Projects:

Will future releases of mods be available?

Yes... Given the level of contributions and the sheer level of "thank-you's" there will be upgrades and updates to most mods in future. Pro mods are given priority.

When will future releases be available?

Details of future releases are posted in the relevant forums and occassionally to the relevant usergroup via a mass mailing. We don't spam!

Where can I suggest new features for future versions?

You are welcome to suggest new features but please do a search first to see if the feature has already been suggested or implimented already. If you like a feature, feel free to add your vote of "interest" to existing threads but do not bump suggestions.. it tends to delay things, not encourage work on "your" feature.

How are new features chosen for inclusion?

New features are chosen depending on a number of factors:
- Level of demand (how many people would like it)
- Time required vs' time available
- Difficulty of implimentation
- Whether a feature is compatible for use with the majority of browsers/users