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This is a complete re-write and update of the Calendar Lite add-on for phpBB2. The script provides a much higher number of Calendar functions and, as with CalLite, can be integrated with the phpBB2 forum script.

The features in the current version are listed below but the main feature has to be that this script will continue to be supported with new updates and improved functionality.


  • mySQL database (MSSQL compatability is now in BETA stage)
  • PHP 4.22 +
  • phpBB2 installed (check for version compatability - usually latest!)

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Changes in version 2.0.39

These are the latest updates for this new version:

  • Snailsource seperate Admin permissions now added to Admin menu. This provides vital compatability when used with the Category Heirachy mod.
  • Removal of version information from Calendar screens and only make available in Admin Calendar config screen.
  • Event "bullets" can now be customised in the cal_constants.inc file
  • BBcode functionality updated to provide better mozilla compatability
  • End Date now changes automatically with changes to the start date (Making it more intuitive and less work)
  • Admins can now see when an event was added or last edited (2 new timestamp fields added to db)
  • Variable clash reporter now included to help ID potential clashes from other scripts that use the same variables as CalPro.
  • ...plus various bug fixes and tweaks (see readme for details)

New to version 2.0.38

These are the latest updates for this new version:

  • Improved variable and script security
  • A large number of minor usability tweaks and improvements
  • Year, Month and Week views included
  • Compatability with the hack: Mini-cal (Netclectic) beta 2.0.x
  • Categorisation of events now even more intuitive (includes custom color legend for easy reference)
  • Ability to limit access to events by user group as well as store personal event details for yourself
  • Simple filtering functionality to view specific categories which helps to reduce information overload on busy calendars
  • Admin control and access to all features
  • Improved compatability with the Category Heirachy mod (resolving permission setting issues)
  • ...plus various bug fixes and tweaks

New in version 2.0.33

These are the latest updates for this new version:

  • Added missing require_time record to Cal Config allowing this to be set to yes by admins.
  • print_view for month_view now added
  • Added DynCal javascript library for use with add/modify events
  • More intuitive 2+ day event spanning display
  • am/pm times now handled correctly
  • recurring event warning now appears properly ONLY when recurring info specified
  • Timezone issues fixed
  • End_hour value now set properly when editing events.
  • Constants now used for SQL table references as per phpBB2 model.
  • Minor updates to Mod phpBB2 code
  • view_list.php provided for testing (not yet implimented properly in navigation)
  • ...plus various bug fixes and tweaks

Added in 2.0.3

  • Admin notification of any "suggested" events (New - 2.0.3)
  • Start/end times no longer required for events (Admin setting) (New - 2.0.3)
  • Private events (limited to single user) now available (New - 2.0.3)
  • Group restricted events (limited to one or more usergroups members) now included (New - 2.0.3)
  • Simple date and time format selection for administrators (New - 2.0.3)
  • All new features can be turned on or off by the Administrator in the Calendar configuration panel
  • ...plus various bug fixes and tweaks

Calendar User Levels

Rather than having to root through code and edit a text file to select who should be a Calendar Moderator, whether users should be able to suggest events, etc... there's a new "levels" system in place.

The 6 levels are:

  • 'Public access' - anonymous access (ON/OFF permission set in Admin module)
  • 'View only' - view events only
  • 'View,Suggest Events' - view and submit events for approval (validation)
  • 'View,Add Events' - view and add events without approval
  • 'View,Add (Edit/Delete own)' - view, add (+edit and delete own events)
  • 'Calendar Admin' - Calendar moderator
    Best of all, these levels can be set simply at the Group or User levels and there's even a configuration option to set the default access level for all registered users.

Now possible to exclude registered users as well as anonymous visitors (New - 2.0.2)

Admin Module

There is now no need to edit settings for Calendar in cal_settings.php. Instead all the Admin functions have been moved into the phpBB2 Administration Panel making it a lot easier to change access and all the new functionality provided such as categories.


Calendar now uses templates through the phpBB2 template module rather than hard coded HTML. There are only 4 of these templates thanks to some rationalisation of the existing code and the removal of the edit/delete list in favour of the relevant buttons in the event display section.

Single Event clickable links

As requested, you can now click on a specific event and get all the information for that link without all the others for that day cluttering things up.

More intuitive Edit/Delete functions

It's now a lot easier for users to edit their own event posts (assuming permissions are set accordingly) and for Cal' Admins to edit or delete events directly from the event display using the "edit" "X" images from the template system.

Easier installation/upgrade

Aside from the small amount of code editing it's now a lot easier to install or upgrade from previous versions of Calendar (not myCalendar!). There's now just one file that checks for previous installations and updates or installs tables as required. It also provides a lot more information about what could be wrong if anything does go wrong.

Recurring Event Support

This function is VERY comprehensive with the ability to handle the following:

  • Create recurring events that repeat ever X weeks/months/years
  • Add notes to a specific recurrence without affecting the others
  • Specify the end point for recurrences by date
  • Split a specific recurrence out of a "chain"
    (useful if for example a normal Monday meeting has been moved to Tuesday for one week only)
  • Allows single events to be deleted and not recreated if information affecting the whole "chain" is updated
  • Split "future" events from a specific point in the "chain" to include new details
  • Allow the period between recurrences to be adjusted easily
  • Additional "sanity checks" to make sure recurring events don't overlap, etc..


Categories can be created by Administrators allowing Users to associate their event with a particular category of their choice.

Users benefit by being able to:
- Select an appropriate category (if applicable) when adding/editing their event.
- Filter events listed in the main "month" view using a simple dropdown box to choose the category they wish to view events for.

Administration is simple as well with:
- Option to turn the categories feature on or off.
- Option to "require" a category with an event entry. (New - 2.0.2)
- Simple Control Panel module to add, edit and delete categories.
- Improved functionality of Categories allowing more natural names (New - 2.0.2)
- Error check to stop deletion of categories being used by any events (New - 2.0.2)

Categories don't need to be "Birthday", "Meetings", etc... either. Admins can choose to use them for areas, timezones, etc... as required.

Security Tightened (New - 2.0.2)

Previously loose security has been tightened to include:
- Checks against $_GET variable spoof attempts
- Removal of reliance on HTTP_GLOBAL variables
- Install/Update script now CANNOT be run by anyone other than a forum Admin.

Other improvements...

  • Register globals (on or off) should no longer affect any functions in CalPro (New - 2.0.2)
  • Improved install/upgrade script (New - 2.0.2)
    (developed to allow integration with other database systems)
  • Improved integration with phpBB2 session reports (New - 2.0.2)
  • Improved SQL query and code efficiency (New - 2.0.2)
  • Addition of Time zone support (New - 2.0.2)
    (events now shown in user local time instead of board local time)
  • Monthly view now shows "tagalong" dates for preceding & follow-on month instead of blank spaces (New - 2.0.2)
  • Time info' included for Event End (New - 2.0.2)
  • The PhpBB2 Database abstraction layer has replaced hardcoded mySQL scripting paving the way for use with the other DBMS's.
  • Smilies are now interpreted in event posts