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Uninstalling - Calendar (Lite)

This guide is provided purely for those people who wish to remove their installation of CalLite...

  1. Download the latest version of Calendar from Snailsource.com ONLY!
    (Important! If you download it from another source you may find you are installing modified code that wipes your whole database!!)
  2. Unzip the Calendar-1.4.7.zip
  3. Before attempting to uninstall the SQL tables you are advised to run cal_install.php to upgrade the tables so that
  4. Locate the file cal_uninstall.php in the /cal_install folder and upload to your PhpBB2 root folder
    (this is important, it will not work in the /cal_install folder)
  5. Run the "cal_uninstall.php" file using your browser
    eg: visit URL: http://www.yourhost.com/phpBB2/cal_uninstall.php
    This will remove all the database tables and fields used by Calendar Lite from your phpbb2 forum.
  6. Delete all files on your website that were supplied with your version of Calendar Lite
    Tip: It is usually better to rename files to name.old rather than deleting them so you can always resurrect them if you make a mistake.
  7. Review the "mod_phpbb_files.txt" file and check all your phpBB2 files to replace edited code with the original.
    Tip: You are advised to backup your files before you edit them and take your time.
  8. Locate the "Calendar Config" option, select it and then set up your calendar access and configuration options.
    (NB: It would be worth checking your old cal_settings.php file to ensure you aren't giving your users more or less freedom than they are used to)


Uninstalling for the nervous.

If you are a nervous user who is concerned that you will do more damage than good then my advice is to

  • Follow steps 1 - 5 in the instructions above
  • Remove the mod edit in the overall_header.tpl ONLY!
  • Delete the cal_lite.php file on your web site.
  • Leave all your calendar files and other edits in place.

This will remove the database tables and fields and the link to the calendar.. Calendar will no longer be linked or work but you won't have to worry about damaging your working phpBB2 files by trying to reverse mod any changes.