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Installing - Calendar (Lite) 1.4.7 (Fresh)

Here's a more comprehensive guide on how to install Calendar 1.4.x from scratch

  1. Download the latest version of Calendar
  2. Unzip the Calendar-1.4.7.zip (or tar.gz file)
  3. Open the Calendar_MOD_Files.txt file
    • Read it carefully
    • Save a backup copy of all the original files from phpbb2 that you asked to edit.
    • Edit the original files as shown
    • Double check for any mistakes
    • Save & close all edited files
    • Upload the modified files to overwrite the ones already on the site.
  4. Ensure all your calendar files are ready for uploading and then upload to the appropriate directories as indicated below.




    /phpBB2/cal_install/cal_updater.php This is not necessary for a fresh installation


    Follow the same pattern for all other language files

    If you intend to use these template files with other themes you will need to copy them across to the appropriate theme folder and edit as required.
    Please check with the theme author for possible tips/support

    (see above)
    /phpBB2/templates/subSilver/images/icon_mini_calendar.gif (see above)
    Note: The /cal_contrib folder contains mods by 3rd party mod authors that work with CalLite. These are provided as is and you must read the readme.txt file included. These mods are not supported by Snailsource so read the relevant mod files for details on where/how to get support directly.

  5. Install the database tables:
    • Run the "cal_install.php" file using your browser
      eg: visit URL: http://www.yourhost.com/phpBB2/cal_install.php
    • Select the "Install" option and click Submit.
  6. a) If there are any error messages, check for obvious solutions and/or visit the forums/FAQ to resolve the issue
    b) If all appears to be working DELETE the cal_install.php files and the cal_install/ directory.
  7. Open your browser and visit the Administration Panel for your phpBB2 forum.
  8. Locate the "Calendar Config" option, select it and then set up your calendar access and configuration options.
    (see the "Admin Settings - Calendar Config" help document)
  9. Setup your users and usergroup permissions.
    (see the "Admin Settings - Setting Permissions" help document)

  10. Run calendar and test it to see if it works.
    • If all is well congratulations, hope you like it.
    • If it DOESN'T please:
      1. Check all the steps above have been carried out carefully
      2. Check you haven't added any typos
      3. Search/Read the forum on Snailsource for any reports of a similar problem and a solution.
      4. Check the section below.


If you STILL have a problem...

Please start a post in the Calendar forum on Snailsource, providing as much information as possible about:
    • Your operating system, type, version, name
    • Your PHP version
    • Your Database type, version
    • Your browser type, version
    • Details of the problem
    • then wait patiently for a response...

Please DON'T:

    • Post 15 posts on different forums all asking the same questions
    • Curse out the mod author
    • Just say "this don't work" and provide no more information (we aren't mind readers!)