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Frequently Asked Questions - Calendar (Lite) 1.4.x

General Info:

Specific Bugs/Problems:

Contributions to UKRag.net:

Compatibility / Installation:

Further Help:

Future Projects:

General Info:

Where/How can I download Calendar 1.4.x ?

Click on the Download/Scripts link and locate the relevant phpBB2, Calendar section.

When will the next version be released?

From this point on only bug fixed or compatability fixes (to keep it functional with phpBB2) will be released for Calendar Lite. However, Calendar Pro will continue to be developed.
(NB: Work is ongoing on providing compatability with other database types.)

What features does Calendar 1.4.x have?

A feature list is available here.

Can I suggest new features to include?

Feature requests for Calendar Lite are no longer being accepted. Any future feature requests will be implimented (if accepted) in Calendar Pro only.

What is the difference between a BUG and a feature request?

> BUG's are issues that cause serious errors within the code such as security hole or a function that does something totally unexpected
> Feature requests differ in that you may wish it did something differently but the function does what is documented/expected by the programmer.

What's the difference between Calendar (Lite) and Calendar Pro?

Calendar Lite, is not expected to develop beyond Lite version 1.4.0 and does not require a contribution to download.
Calendar Pro, will continue to be developed with many new features. A contribution towards UKRag.net is required to download.
BOTH mods are still supported equally.


Specific Bugs or Problems

Missing mySQL tables OR "Error Could not insert test event..."

Version 1.4.0 of Calendar Lite included an error in the installer that failed to install some or all of the tables necessary for Calendar to run. This error was fixed within a few hours but a number of downloads included the old code and still seem to be available from other sites.
FIX #1: Grab the latest version of Calendar Lite and re-run the cal_install.php script. Try to install or upgrade as you did originally and this should install the missing table and information.
... OR ...
FIX #2: Carry out the necessary changes in phpmyAdmin as suggested in "Updating SQL to 1.4.0 manually.. (Notes)".

Missing Link to Calendar

If the Calendar Link is missing in the forum then there are a number of possible causes:
- Language file not being loaded
   (Fix: see "Can't see text in many of the buttons")

- Language file missing or in wrong place
   (Fix: Check uploaded files and locations, see "file location guide" )

- Required edit to overall_header.tpl and/or page_header.phpnot completed
   (Fix: see "Mod instructions")

- Required edit not completed in ALL templates
   (Fix: carry out "Mod instructions" in overall_header.tpl for all themes, not just subSilver)

Can't see text in many of the buttons.

This bug relates to the changes required in the functions.php file and often comes down to people missing a bracket and putting the code within a function that loads up the admin language file. Needless to say this is incorrect.

The fix and explanation of the problem can be found here...

Neima Birthday Mod installed - Day names have disappeared in month view

This was found to be caused by the removal of the variable $langdays from the global definitions. To fix, make sure that $langdays is included like so...

global $PHP_SELF, $phpbb_root_path, $phpEx, $dbhost, $dbuser, $dbpasswd, $dbname, $mysql_tablename, $action, $subjectlen, $cal_dem,
$board_config, $id, $day, $month, $year, $time, $userdata, $lang, $description, $subject, $calmod, $caluser, $daycolor,
$endday, $endmonth, $endyear, $usersuggest, $table_prefix, $langdays;

... in calendar.php (approx' line 970)

Calendar File has a lot of missing text (I'm using phpBB2 2.0.3)

A change in the way that language files are tested for and loaded in version 2.0.4 of phpBB2.0.4 means that one line in the mod instructions will not work, resulting in the language file not loading. A fix is detailed in this post

Using PhpBB2 version 2.0.3 and compatability

Calendar Pro/Lite mod' instructions are written for version 2.0.4 and not 2.0.3. As a result there are a few changes necessary to make Calendar (Pro/Lite). Please check this post.

Anonymous users seem to have the default permissions as registered users even with "allow anon" set to "off"

This seems to happen whenever the default user account for anonymous users has been deleted for whatever reason. This account has user_id = -1 and username = "Anonymous"... If that doesn't exist in your 'phpbb_users' table then you need to recreate it (Search phpBB.com forum for info on this)


Contributions to UKRag.net:

Why do I have to contribute to that project to get Calendar Pro?

The Calendar Pro script is a purely voluntary project that has taken many hundreds of hours of hard work. Such work is only possible if you feel motivated enough to continue and by supporting a project that supports young fundraisers to, in turn, support charities.. you provide that motivation for continued development.

Bottom line, would you work 700+ hours for:
-> 8% compliments & thanks
-> 27% complaints, criticism
-> 65% 'can't be bothered to say anything

No? I didn't think so...

Where can I contribute?

Simply click on the "Contributions" link

I am part of a charitable/volunteer organisation, does that make a difference?

Genuine requests from charities or volunteer organisation are welcome but need to be made by email using an account from an official charity email address.

Why are SnailSource supporting UKRag.net?

The project was started by myself (Martin) as an ex student fundraiser and is the main reason that Calendar was developed/enhanced in the first place. Any money raised is put aside to improve training, awareness and projects in the student charity fundraising world and aims at increasing the amounts students can raise for charities.

In real terms, the project could help realise an additional 10 - 20% more money raised by such groups in a year. Given that millions of UK£ pounds are raised by these groups we're talking hundreds of 1,000's more over the next few years.


Compatibility / Installation:

How do I install Calendar 1.4.0

Instructions are provided on this site here

If I already have Calendar version 1.x.x can it be upgraded?

Yes. For instructions on upgrading read this help document

Is Calendar compatible with myCalendar & can I upgrade from it?

NO - There is no integration or compatability at present with myCalendar although if a version remains stable for more than 3 months I will consider a conversion utility for myCalendar -> Calendar

How do I install both Gallery->phpBB2 and Calendar Lite together?

A general guide that should help you work around any clashes in the instructions for each mod is provided in this support doc

Is it possible to use Calendar with PostNuke or PhpNuke or some other CMS system?

Calendar is not designed to work within Nuke type scripts and is only supported to work with the original phpBB2 (as available at www.phpbb.com). You are welcome to try and modify the Calendar script to try and make Nuke integration possible however.


Further Help:

Where is Support Documentation for Calendar ?

Some support documentation is available for:

All other support is provided through the Calendar forum

Where can I get help and support?

Support is available via the Calendar forum on Snailsource.com, here: .../viewforum.php?f=1

What's the best way to get support?

Post a request for help on the forums (above) and provide as much details as possible including:
- Version of Calendar and phpBB2
- Error message (if any)
- PHP and mySQL (or other Database system) versions being used
- Operating system version, name, information
- Any script 'behaviours' noted, or actions prior to the error.
- Details of any other Modifications installed
Remember to be patient and don't assume it's the script (you might be wrong)

What's the worst way to get support?

Provide no information, demand assistance and generally act like it's your god given right to get help.
See how far that gets you

How do I report a BUG?

Check that someone else hasn't reported a bug and see if a fix has already been provided
Post a message on the Calendar Pro support forum with the word BUG: preceding the subject and give as much detail as possible
(see 'best way to get support' above)


Future Projects:

When will future releases be available?

Details of future releases will be posted in the Calendar forum.

Where can I suggest new features for future versions?

See 'Can I suggest new features to include?' above

How can I find out more about Calendar Pro?

Feel free to read the information provided in the forums as well as read the FAQ for Calendar Pro.