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Administration Settings

Unlike version 1.2.2j and before, changing or editing settings no longer requires you to delve into the cal_settings.php file to make any changes. Instead Calendar Lite 1.4.x takes advantage of the PhpBB2's admin module drop-in design.

The result is two Calendar specific admin sections which we now cover below.

Calendar Config'

This section consists of the following options:

  • Week start
    The week can be set to being on either a Sunday or a Monday
  • Subject length
    This affects the number of characters displayed for an event record in the month view before the subject is truncated
  • Script path
    Not available/used at present
  • Allow anonymous viewing
    This determines whether you will allow non-registered users to view the calendar or not
  • Default access level for ALL registered users
    This is pretty self explanatory. You simply select the default access rights that all registered users will have.
    You cannot set the default access level to "Calendar Admin" to avoid potential security issues.

    *(Always set the lowest rights you wish to give any user.)
  • Allow old events
    This determines whether users can add/edit events that will relate to points in the past (ie: before today).
  • Show the phpBB2 header info'
    This allows you to provide the standard information that appears on the regular phpBB2 forum ie: last login, etc..
  • Date Format
    Set this with a valid PHP date() format to override the default setting.

Setting Permissions (Users & Usergroups)

Aside from the new Calendar configuration panels you will also have the ability to decide who gets access to your calendar functions and what level they are allowed.

The access levels available to both individual users and usergroups are as follow:

  • No Public Access
    User/UserGroup have no access to the calendar.
  • View Only
    User/Usergroup can look at the calendar but can't do anything else
  • View/Suggest Events
    User/Usergroup can look at the calendar and can submit events for inclusion subject to admin approval (validation)
  • View/Add Events
    User/Usergroup can look at the calendar and can submit events without requiring admin approval
  • View/Add (Edit/Delete Own)
    User/Usergroup can view and add events. They are also allowed to edit or delete their own individual events.
  • Calendar Admin
    Any user or Usergroup with this level of access can do anything they want to the calendar so be careful who you give this level of access to.

IMPORTANT: As with the phpBB2 permissions system, users will be authorised to the highest level of access their individual or group membership(s) provide them with.

eg: User: "BobSmith" has individual permissions set to "No Public Access" and is a member of 2 groups:
- "Bob's mates" which has "View Only" access
- "Forum support" which has "View/Add Events" access.

By default BobSmith will have "View/Add Events" access so if you decide you wish to limit his access further you would need to reduce the groups access levels and/or remove him from the group(s) with access higher than you think appropriate.


Changing Usergroup or User Permissions for Calendar

Usergroup and User Permissions are built into the respective Permissions admin pages.

Just select "Group Admin" or "User Admin" -> "Permissions" as normal then look for the "Calendar Level" drop box at the top of the page.

To change the access level simply select the new level you wish to apply to the user/usergroup then click on submit and that's it.